11 Apr 2011

Mafia Wars Add-On For Chrome & Firefox

There is an "Add-On" for Mafia Wars that you can install to chrome and firefox, it has a good majority of the features that the bookmark-lets from spockholm tools and code outpost let you accomplish but there is no need to Un-Frame and they are easily accessible and for the most part work better and are more pleasing to use.

It is called "FB MafiaWars Addon" and can be downloaded here.

Firefox users need to download greasemonkey first and then you can install the addon.

Chrome users need to download the main Addon and then download an additional plugin that makes it cross platform capable and enables numerous new features, if you don't install the plugin it will prompt you to when you try to access certain features and functionality will be limited.
(Get the newest version here)
(Previous versions can be found here)
When it is loading properly it will say FB Mafia Wars Addon and the current version number above Mafia Wars when you load it up, and you will have the option to check for updates or unframe the page as well if you would like.

A green arrow is visible at the top-left of the screen where the City Name is displayed.

Moving your mouse over the green arrow will display the menu and page shortcuts.

New Main Program Options & Configuration Screens

Ratios Required To Level Up

The ratio of energy/stamina -> Experience Payout shows up in the Job Frame

New Features For Posting Opertaions

Main Battlefield Screen
*Download These Settings For You To Import*

Battlefield While Fighting

Free Gifts Page

Free Gifts Feed Acceptor

Free Gift Links Mass Acceptor

The Multi Gifter Screen

My Links Screen

Collect All Cities Screen

Inventory Analyzer

Explanation of Inventory Analyzer Headers

Inventory Analyzer Item Details

Detailed Stats Show Up at the Bottom Of The Analyzer

Mafia Wiper (Removes Mafia Members Who Aren't Friends Anymore)

Home Feed Center

News Helper

Atlantic City Popup (Collect Your Bonus)

Here is a detailed explination of each menu item:

FBMW Addon Menu: Link your bit.ly URL Shortening account and set program options.

Home Feed Center: Checks the mafia wars live feed continuousy and automatically performs actions you set in the configuration like "Go to War, Give Social Help, Social Missions, Claim Bonus And Reward, Collect Loot, Porperty, Help, Get Boost, Send Energy And Phones."

Marketzone: You can purchase the higher end Items with Victory Coins In one screen.

Gifts Page (Short Links): Performs the same actions as link-a-nator but can use bit.ly for shortening and has more gifts than are normally there and you can send gifts as well.

News Page (AutoHelper): Finds all available actions that are currently available to perfom and who you would like to help from the News Feeds (Top News, Recent News, Combat)

Collect All Cities: You can collect from all your propertes and have it bank at selected cities after you collect.

Battlefield: Works much like brawler does but is more graphical and is easier to use and allows you to post coins and share loot which brawler does not.

Craft Manager: Allows you to build items from your NY propertys like Crafty 'Lil Helper but has a graphical interface and updates with newer items unlike Crafty.

Multi Gifter: You can send multiple gifts to multple people at once and is much easier to navigate than the MW Gifter.

Crime Spree: You can get the shortlink for your Crime Spree or Post a request for people to send you a crime spree and also go to your Crime Spree Page.

Promotion: Options to get the promote me link and post a Promotion Comment to your profile.

Mafia Wiper: Searches through all your current Mafia Members to see who isn't your friend and allows you to veiw their facebook page, delete them individually, or delete all who arent your friend anymore.

Go Atlantic City: You can play the mobile game in a pop-up that is normally restricted to mobile phone usage and play atlantic city and collect a daily bonus as well.
Hope you enjoy and have fun with this Add-On!

~Happy Gaming!~